Greenspan 6/4/02

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bungrider, Jun 4, 2002.

  1. If I called Greenspan and asked him to do me a favor - namely, to shut the fuck up during market hours - do you think he'd do it?
  2. What would you do, If I told you to shut the fuck up??? There's your answer.
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    LOL! Good one Bung.
  4. Mike777


    Give it a try and let us know how you get on.:D
  5. js1257


    I missed what he said. What did the geezer say?
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    what ? you did not see the 'greenspike' ?
    he sees a upturn, although not that big or significant (I don't remember which).

    I hate these.
    I love these.

    Yes, because they confirm you what the trend is. A trend does not spike up. A reaction does.
    At these levels, it is very interesting to notice these things.

    it does not matter what greeny said. what matters is how the market reacts to it.

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    Technically there is a market open somewhere (equity, bond, fx, etc.) almost always.:eek:
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    I was just curious as to what he said. I don't watch crapnbc or the tv when the market is open.For all I knew it was program buying. All I wanted to know was what he said, thats it.


    The spike was also a reaction to one of the larger firm's statement about should pick up next quarter,blah,blah,blah. (I guess they had a big sell order they needed to exercise).:)
  10. I think Greenie's history of mucking with the markets speaks for itself.
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