Greenspan: $100,000 a speech

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    And $8.5mil advance for his book, I'm sure there are some good title suggestions for that one
  3. no wonder he keeps on talking.

    bernanke must be gutted.

    probably means there is more comments on the way.
  4. How about "From Blow To Helicopters - A story of transition"
  5. Have you seen how Andrea Mitchell dresses?

    She's high maintenance. :D

    And Levitra isn't cheap, even under medicare. :D
  6. It's worth whatever the market will bear. And most of his usual target audiences have deep corporate pockets.

    That CNN story almost certainly vastly underestimates Greenspan's income on the lucrative speech circuit since "retiring" one year ago. The top earners' honoraria are highly variable, not fixed, from one occasion to the next.

    As previously mentioned, it's been reliably estimated by multiple sources over the last year that it took him only about 6 weeks (rather than a year) to exceed his earnings during his entire 18-year tenure at the helm of the Fed.
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    "Greenspan: $100,000 a speech"

    I wonder if that includes complimentary
    Greenspeak translators for the audience.

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    ok, that's pretty funny.
  9. He gets paid so much because people listen to him and pay for it, be him right or wrong in his views about the economy.

    It remains to be seen if trading the "Greenspan-trend" proves to be profitable in the long term.
  10. I was at Greenspan's recent speech at the FIA and I spoke to several of the planning officials after the event.

    According to them, his going rate is $150,000 per speech. They should know, since they were paying his bill.
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