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  1. I would like to start a journal with full disclosure, including printing out my account screen from IB (see attached).

    I went in and blocked out the account number. Is this necessary? Can anything be done with the account number by an unscrupulous person, or is it necessary to have my ID and password? I would prefer not to have to block it out every time as it's kind of a pain.

    My goal is to bring my account to PDT eligibility and show everyone how I did it, while at the same time learning things from members who wish to critique or give opinions.

    I am not starting with a clean account, as you can see. I started the "exiting positions" thread with $15,000 two days ago and have gone to almost $16,000. I am probably a benefactor of the rising market lifts all boats theory, so we will see how I do when the market starts to dip.

    I will post more about how I trade and what I look for.....

    Thanks for reading,

    Dickie Greenleaf
  2. $1,000 in 2 days with only $15K capital is not bad at all.

    Good trading,

    -FastTrader :cool:
  3. taumeson


    I think it's probably a good idea to block out your account number...

    I mean, otherwise it's just one more variable some hacker can use in a social-engineering ploy to get your money.
  4. 7% gain in two days?
    Perhaps I should just hand over my account to you to trade.
  5. Agree...I don't recommend you show a screen capture of your account in the first place.

    If you feel the need to do so...use a screen capture program like Xnview..

    and then edit the image after capture (takes about 1 minute) and crop out (delete) the upper part of the image that contains all the private stuff.

    Note: There are special software programs that reads info (retrieves) on images that has been scratched out.

    Here's some heads up...

    Last week I called my U.S. bank (I reside in another country) to ask about a wire transfer into my account...

    to identify I was the holder of my bank account...the phone customer service clerk ask me what was my last deposit amount for verification...

    (I almost gagged in shock. Imagine I was the financial hacker that sent the wire transfer...small amount)

    I gave her the answer...she was satisfied I was the holder of the account...

    then I asked her to repeat my address for me to verify to me the bank has my correct address...

    she promptly told me my address.

    Then I asked her to verify my phone number by repeating it to me...

    she promptly told me my phone number of record.

    Then I asked her to verify my shared bank accounts...

    she promptly told me my other bank account numbers.

    I was completely in shock and asked for the bank manager.

    Bank manager said its normal policy and that if I wanted extra security...I should get a special security code.

    Now I have one...hopefully someone doesn't call the bank and ask for them to verify my security code via repeating it back to me :cool:

    Once again...I would hesitate in showing any kind'uv screen capture image of your accounts with a bunch of strangers at a discussion forum.

    Post your trades in realtime in your own private forum (mIRC is free) and then do a screen capture of such for public documentation/proof instead.

    after you've downloaded and installed mIRC...

    go form your own trading room for free so that you can post your trades in realtime...timestamped and all...invite a few traders so that someone can verify also that such posts occurred...

    P.S. Also, VISA use to have the same policy of asking for verification via the caller repeating the last transaction amount on the account...crazy and scary.

    No wonder electronic identity theft and financial theft stories are occurring more often these days.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to type that.

    I want to display as much as I can and give full disclosure. I have been reading a lot of threads in the archives and have seen over and over again that "no one posts their actual account". The reason I want to do this is because I think being on the hook will make me a better trader. I won't let gains turn into losses because I won't want to take abuse here for it. It will force me to follow and refine my trading rules. I also, in all honesty, would enjoy the recognition if/when I do grow my account because everyone will know it is legitimate.

    So if I am not to post a screen shot of my account, what should I do for disclosure purposes? The realtime chat is not a viable option because first, I have a fulltime job (I trade in between meetings -- or even during meetings with a wireless laptop), and second, I need to concentrate on the market and don't have time to chat.

    Here are my executions from today. I'm still planning to type up my trading methodologies, etc.

    -- DG
  7. Personally, I hope you get your 25K minimum soon. I'd like to see those real trades where you're not tied down by this bull$hit PDT rule.

    -FastTrader :cool:
  8. Hi DG,

    That last image is a lot private info at the top that's scratched out.

    Your last image is what I myself do for my private records on occassion.

  9. Thank you. Same here. It really limits what I can do in so many ways.
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    or you can open another small window and put that window over the account before do the screen capture.
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