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    Anyone else love to see Greenie stop and ask one of these people if they even understand the questions they ask? I'd love to hear them, ah, well, ah, well my page wrote the question, but I ah, oh it means hmm......
  2. Can you believe the people the Americans send to congress? They sound like buffoons when they argue with Greenspan. It is scary to think that they make important economic decisions.
  3. Agreed. But ultimatly the blame lands on the American people for electing such fools.
  4. The American people dont know what they are doing.
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    I can tell you what they are not doing. They sure aren't watching Greenie give long winded answers that nobody can understand.
  6. Economics is not simple. If we could understand it fully, we would be living in a paradise.
  7. they don't - that's what lobbyists are for.
  8. Looks like the Man is saving the markets again, no problem with housing market, will cause no disruption to the strong economy. got to love this guy.
  9. alan greenspan should be allowed to revoke talking privileges from dumbass senators.

    the american government doesnt care about it's citizens in case you haven't noticed. they start a war in iraq and only 1 congressman has a kid in the military. and why am i still paying social security taxes when i wont see a dime?
  10. That idiot barney franks is the worst or close to being the worst with maxine waters as his main competition. I laughed when he got insulted when greenspan told him he didn't have time to discuss the laffer curve.

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