Greenie might be with us a little longer

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by nitro, May 18, 2005.

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    "07:07 Administration Considers Delaying Fed Chief's Exit -- Washington Post

    Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan frequently urges Americans to postpone retirement and stay on the job longer. He may soon get the chance to do so himself. Bush administration officials are mulling whether to encourage Greenspan, 79, to continue as Fed chairman for at least a few months beyond the Jan. 31 expiration of his term, according to sources told of the possibility. That would give the White House more time to broaden the search for possible successors, looking beyond the academic and policy worlds to the corporate world, as they have been urged to do by some financial analysts. "

  2. they want him to stick around to handle the mess he's made....

    or you could read it another way....

    nobody they're looking at wants the job..........
  3. They want him there long enough to have to accept blame for the soon to be inverted yield curve and the associated deflation.

    Also, no one wants the job.