Green thread, leperchauns, St. Patty

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. The SOB's are going for the jugular.

    The leperchauns, JP Morgan, Bear, and FED are hard at work right now sources tell me.

    The Bear Protection team has their fingers on the buy to cover buttons to jam futures higher. They wanted more fear and uncertainty just until the morning. We wanted the Chinese to panic, then the Europeans, etc. before the FED pump and dump. Markets don't sleep bitch!
  2. Futures up tonight on BSC buyout news & massive Fed injection in the morning.

    Dollar down and oil up! :)
  3. markets will go much higher

    I still see no compelling reason for the sell off in the past three months.
  4. Jesus Fucking Christ!!!!!!!

    I go to the mall and come back. Fucking $2 a share. Holy Shit, I would wake up and be down 25k if I didn't get out of that trade Fri.

    Then this Bullshit discount cut to calm nerves and spike the futures. The Bear protection team said Fuck You to that and jammed it down.

    Sorry, no leperchauns tomorrow for bulls. F me for not remaining short!!!!!!!!!
  5. ElCubano


    St Patty's day masacre....