Green Technology Warming Earth?

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  2. I watched an interesting program last night on NatGeo. It was about the fall of ancient Egypt. Happened about 2200 B.C. and it seems it was due to a dramatic climate change. Studies have shown that the same thing happened about 2000 years prior to that as well.
    Now we all know that the Egyptians of the time were well advanced, but I don't think the combustion engine had been invented quite yet. Nor were there any steel mills, oil refineries or any other of those ugly smoke stack industries. So what in the world could have caused such dramatic shifts in the climate? Oh, and this change just wasn't in Egypt, it was global. We don't have to go back very far at all, considering the eons of time the earth has been evolving, to see the planet has had many climate changes with and without man or industry, and will continue to do so.
    Guess we'll have to wait for another documentary from Al to straighten it all out.
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    But did the Egyptians have Democrats to blame the climate change on themselves? They would have blamed the building of the pyramids through some pseudo science of the time. :D

    The new technology is wind rods, btw. Sticking up from the ground as poles, the wind blows them back and forth and a piezo effect creates an electric charge.
  4. Ok, I will attempt to educate the idiots as to what is one of the primary causes global warming, then and now. It's methane gas. Severe, deep water seismic shifts cause the release and also current changes in the Atlantic conveyor belt. As more methane is released, methane trapped under the artic surface is released causing more warming, hence more melting and so on.
    The changing Atlantic current contributes to the problem.
    This has happened many times before, is happening now, and will happen many times in the future. Man has little to do with it, and worse, is beyond our control. We will migrate as they did in Africa a few thousand years ago and we will adapte. Millions will probably die, and there isn't much we can do to stop it. Expect it to occur over the next couple of hundred years.
    While we can do little to prevent it, we can do much to make it worse. Like taxing ourselves into poverty trying to control it, thereby making it much more problematic to migrate properly.

    Methane detected near surface of Arctic ocean
    Makes warming predictions even more difficult
    Gas is NOT accompanied by carbon monoxide - so doesn't come from man-made combustion

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    I knew methane is much more of a greenhouse gas than CO2 but didn't know we have had a methane build up over the last two hundred years. This 11 year old NASA article explains a lot about what the democraps won't talk about.

    A tremendous release of methane gas frozen beneath the sea floor heated the Earth by up to 13°F (7°C) 55 million years ago, a new NASA study confirms. NASA scientists used data from a computer simulation of the paleo-climate to better understand the role of methane in climate change. While most greenhouse gas studies focus on carbon dioxide, methane is 20 times more potent as a heat-trapping gas in the atmosphere.

    In the last 200 years, atmospheric methane has more than doubled due to decomposing organic materials in wetlands and swamps and human aided emissions from gas pipelines, coal mining, increases in irrigation and livestock flatulence.


    "If you want to think about reducing future climate change, you also have to be aware of greenhouse gases other than carbon dioxide, like methane and chlorofluorocarbons," said Schmidt. "It gives a more rounded view, and in the short-term, it may end up being more cost-efficient to reduce methane in the atmosphere than it is to reduce carbon dioxide."
  6. Of course Al and his buddies don't want to talk about it. It doesn't fit their business model for the destruction of our economy.

  7. Windmills warming earth? No. Just the ground around night. During the day they cool the earth. Net net they do nothing to warm the earth as a whole. They cannot, as any energy they tap is energy already delivered to the earth by the sun.

    But this headline will now appear on GW disinformation websites all over the web now, aided by Koch bros and the fossil fuel industry, and brain-dead ideological deniers will hold it up as proof of how bad green tech is because they don't have the brains to think any further than the title..

    Whack a mole. Whack !!
  8. You will attempt to educate us about climatology? Ha !!! Try climatologists for that.

    You think the climatologists don't know about methane ? The release of methane due the warming earth is a very large concern but one not fully included in the IPCC models. As temps rise, largely due to the increased CO2 levels due to man's burning of huge amounts of fossil fuel, the permafrost and water release stored methane which adds to the greenhouse effect which further raises temps which further releases methane. It's called a positive feedback loop.

    This positive feedback mechanism presents a very worrisome possibility of there being a tipping point and a runaway greenhouse effect.

    Methane- CH4 - now forces about 28% of the warming.

  9. So you didn't read the article. No surprise. Yes, there is near surface methane being released due to CO2, but where is all that CO2 coming from? Some of it man made? Sure! But there is much methane being released from deep water and that methane turns into CO2 as it rises to the surface. We have a combo of methane and CO2, but methane is the root cause of the warming, not CO2. From the article:
    "In deep water, methane gas oxidizes into carbon dioxide before it reaches the surface. In the shallows of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf, methane simply doesn’t have enough time to oxidize, which means more of it escapes into the atmosphere".

    Problem for the GW cult is it's really kind of difficult to find a way to tax the evil under water people producing all that methane.

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    Future generations will have to spend a large amount of money to take down these monstrosities but they will have some scrap metal value.

    The impact on the landscape is pretty destructive. Nobody knows what happens when you effectively remove mechanical energy from the atmosphere or the long-term avian impact. Winds generally diminish in the evening and the energy generated during peak wind periods cannot be stored.

    The energy necessary to construct, transport and install a wind turbine exceeds the total energy generated so clearly the people advocating for this technology lack the capacity for basic arithmetic. History will regard us with contemp for our ignorant pursuit of this technology.
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