Green shoots! Min. wage to go up in a few weeks!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by peilthetraveler, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. This should be interesting. Lets see how much unemployment this creates. Min wage is going up right around 11% on July 24th.

    Now remember...this just doest affect businesses that are paying min wage affects businesses that pay their employees just a little above min. wage because now they will have to raise wages. If someone was making 7 bucks an hour, they will now have to be paid 7.25. So in this situation a business owner now has labor costs 3.5% higher. I'm sure we will see the cost passed on to us as a consumer at all the fast food places we eat at.
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    Minimum wage goes up, fast food costs rise, people eat less crap, average weight of Americans delinces, healthcare costs go lower, and savings rates increase. Sounds like a good idea to me.
  3. That's crazy. Basically raising taxes on small businesses in an environment of wage deflation. But keep in mind, not all states will be affected. Some have higher mins.
  4. Don't kidding yourself, It is not going to happen. Healthy food cost more than junk food, not matter what, people will always go back to their old habits.
  5. Nah.. we'll be eating the same crap but less,,.. problem with this country isn't that the food is unhealthy.. junk food is all over the world.. the real problem is the portion being served here.
  6. Mcdonalds is like heroin to fat people. If the price of heroin went up 10%...addicts wouldnt stop buying it.

    People will stop paying their other bills before they cut back on their food. Especially poor people.
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    'Green' shoots for some burger flipers, this is just going to hurt the economy and the banks
  8. Fast food will just get even crappier... materials wise.

    McDonalds already had to take a slice of cheese off their $1 Double Cheeseburger and rename it the McDouble. Now a Double Cheeseburder is $1.30. I don't know what kind of meatlike substance they put in there, but it is salty and sickening. Wasn't quite that bad last year.
  9. i disagree those double cheeseburgers (mcdoubles) are quite delectable