Green shoots everywhere, recession now over, but what happens to the unemployed?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by PeterEastgate, Jun 14, 2009.

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  2. The green shoots are poison ivy, the recession is not over, (regardless of how the govt spins all the data). As for the unemployed, once their checks run out, reality sets in for good. Getting 80% of their previous salary is not too bad. I know of a few right now who are sitting on their asses, sleeping all day,or hanging out with the boyz. 4 squares of Ex-Lax and a spoonful of castor oil wouldn't work these lazy mf's. I'm sure there are a lot of hard working people out there, who really want to work, but I'm guessing there's just as many like these that will be looking for permanent handouts.
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  4. Why ban Port? His posts are always good for a laugh after a tough trading day. On another note, I saw that he now believes the market is going up. I was feeling the same way, but now I have to reexamine everything. If Port and I are on the same side, I should probably flip. Lol.

    PeterEastGate/stock-trd3r/Port1385...quit copying and pasting research and trying to argue points from authority. Own up to your bad trades and quit trying to be a EliteTrader Guru that never loses. Contribute meaningful, thoughtful commentary for a change as opposed to everything that you've ever done in the past. Maybe you could overcome your hated status.

    Start an honest/apology thread or something where you own up to who you really are and what you really do for a livng. Maybe that would kill the animosity towards you here. It would very, very, very, very, funny if you did it, but I think a lot of people would respect you for it -- myself included. Until you do something along those lines, you will continue to be a laughingstock.
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    I like the charts.:p
  6. Lets say you could trade these charts. I could see unemployment easily going to 19 million which would mean a 12.75% unemployment rate.

    The rate of rise seems to be ticking up .5 to .75 % per month meaning the peak unemployment might not occur for 3-6 months. Then again, these charts seem to have a rather strong base that occured over a few decades. Breaking out of that base means the sky is the limit.

    Its sad to think of the consequences of these charts. All those guys coming out of college with nowhere to hang their hats. 14 million people currently out of work with little cash to feed their families. Many of the older workers were pink slipped and now they dont have anyplace to go...