Green Shits•Fed Extends TALF Program to Bolster Lending for Commercial Prop AND Autos

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ByLoSellHi, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. There's another post that just mentions commercial real estate, but no, the fed & treasury, in their infinite wisdom, have extended TALF access to the automotive sector, too!

    Green shoots!

    Why not just add every business and person in the U.S. (and abroad, for that matter) to the roster of people/entities qualified to grab some of that tasty TALF cheese!

    Hey, green shoot, right, as the government has to make more and more taxpayer money available to more and more sickly industries?

    Green Shits!
  2. Obama is a Republican Lite.

    Beholden to corporate interests and for CORPORATE SOCIALISM

    It appears he's turned out to be as Anti-American as the average republican foot soldier. Only difference is he has a better education and has a darker tan.
  3. The Gov has inacted more emergency measures this time around then the Great Depression.

    It wil be interesting to see where the markets and economy will be at when the dust clears.

    Liberals are loosing their foothold in only 8 months, most recent gallop poll states that in all 50 states, those who call themself conservitive now outnumber those who say the are liberal.

    Rassmusons polls indicate a serious shift away from Liberals.

    So, lets see if DC and Congress can force us into a depression, to try and swing back their vote...