Green Monday for Treasuries

Discussion in 'Trading' started by aeliodon, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. What's going on? This if the biggest move I've ever seen. I usually don't moniter it but today is pretty hard to ignore.
  2. Looks like capitulation. Very bullish sign.
  3. The Chinese and Japanese are buying back what they sold at the 109 "handle".
  4. yeah ..that is a disturbing move if you ask me ...
  5. AAPL BIDU MA all up tho unbelievable
  6. Obviously a large piece of bad news is emminent and being priced in. Watch. Bet a big bank is about to go under.
  7. If we dropped 5 thousand points, you would say it was bullish. You are a one hit wonder dude. pathetic!
  8. You heard it first. This move today is more or less what I have projected for our firm. There is still time to buy before 10-year yields 3.5%, but you got to act soon.