Green Monday (BTFD)

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  1. I'm relatively confidant stocks will be green at the close Monday. This is a great chance to make free $$$ in the S&P by BTFD. I'll wait till futures bottom out Sunday night and ride the retracement back up. Any other BTD strategies to play now until close on Monday?

  2. I tend to agree. The crashtastic close was just rebalancing on equities high and bonds low. It should be a good monday unless everyone is interpreting QE as already over, which is the kind of ignorant assumption i tend to believe intelligent market participants are not undertaking.
  3. Will it work?
    Tuesday 20/21?
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    Tomorrow is Tuesday lets keep the win streak going. We are duty bound to buy buy buy.
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    I don't think so, but you can have a try
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    is it a joke?
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    Somebody call Ben. More "Q" needed.Tuesdays must be supported or the whole nightmare collapses.
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    Maybe you are right about Monday but I kept thinking Friday that it was the start of "Sell in May and Go Away". This year, it just came later. I think June is going to be a down month.
  9. It wasn't a re-balancing. It was a "risk-off" trade into FI. Did it really seem like an allocation play to you? And we took out the weekly low by 12 into the close. Ugly. I have no idea where we close, but a touch if 1618 futures seems to be in the cards for Monday.
  10. there also was huge SPY put oi @ 164 strike expiring..could have been some delta hedging that pressured the selling.

    in any case no one really knows..enjoy the vol if you guys know how to..good luck!
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