"GREEN" jobs?????? Costing plenty of this green $$$$$$

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    So after noticing today that another $2.3 Billion dollars is going to create approximately 17,000 subsidized temporary jobs in the green energy industry I thought how quick they have thrown money into a technology that who even knows is going to be as useful as some think. I think many believe this is the next type of dot com ready to take off. These 17,000 jobs are costing approximately $135,000 to create. From articles I am reading they state that 2.2 jobs will be lost for every one 1 green job created.

    I think this is the only thing they believe that will create the millions of jobs this economy needs to get the economy rolling again, however the Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn't even know how to count a green job, "There's alternative ways for doing that and we haven't yet finalized our methodology," says John Galvin, associate commissioner for employment statistics at the BLS.

    Just before Christmas, the agency got $7.8 million from Congress to resolve the problem. In the fourth quarter of this year, it plans to collect data from businesses and will provide its first report in the second half of 2011. The BLS will be the ultimate arbiter of who's a green worker and who isn't.
  2. In the old days, if you saw a piece of paper on the ground, someone might pick the paper up and put it in a trash receptacle.

    Going green, is noticing the paper on the ground, hiring a lawyer to find out who made the paper and sue them, and sue whomever's job it is to pick up the paper.

    Now if we find the perp who threw the paper on the ground, data will show that society is to blame and sumbody needs to do sumpin, we'll need green therapy programs.
  3. Without doubt no matter how good or poor their assessment turns out to be, it will be a lot better than self appointed experts on ET.
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    A better idea would have been opening 1,700 factories manufacturing whatever. What's so special about these jobs that cost over 2 bil anyway?

    Fucking socialism, all its good for is making everybody poorer. Do we really deserve this? :mad: