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    What's your favourite green issue ?

    Mine ? I hear you ask politely.
    !. Amazon rain forest etc. and illegal logging around the globe.
    2. Plastic island in the mid pacific. About the size of a US State and growing. The plastic degrades slowly into small granules which are soaked up by the plankton and therefore get in the food chain to us
    3. Global warming - see below it's beginning to hurt !

    Temperatures in the U.S. mid- Atlantic states may rise into the mid-90s next week while the Midwest remains hot and dry.

    Rainfall may remain below normal from Iowa to Texas and parts of Louisiana from Aug. 4 to Aug. 13, said Joel Widenor, co-founder of Commodity Weather Group LLC. Minnesota and parts of southern Indiana and Ohio may be the exception.

    Along the mid-Atlantic and in the Northeast, temperatures are expected to rise about 5 degrees above normal from Aug. 4 to Aug. 8 before returning to more seasonal levels Aug. 9 to Aug. 13, said Matt Rogers, Commodity Weather’s president. By mid- August, the region will have passed its temperature peak for the year, so the above-normal heat will mean “mainly low-to-mid 90s rather than the upper 90s (about 36 Celsius) to low 100s that frequented July,” Rogers said from his Bethesda, Maryland office.

    The hot, dry conditions across much of the U.S. in July contributed to higher natural gas and corn prices. Drought covers 63.9 percent of the contiguous 48 U.S. states and less than a third of the nation’s corn and soybean crops were listed in good or excellent condition as of July 22, the lowest for the date since 1988, according to the Agriculture Department.

    The higher temperatures also meant more electricity use, contributing to natural gas prices rebounding 58 percent as of last week from a 10-year low in April. Stronger consumption has helped reduce a stockpile surplus for 16 consecutive weeks.

    The normal average temperature in New York for Aug. 1 is 78, according to MDA EarthSat Weather in Gaithersburg, Maryland. It’s 74 in Boston; 80 in Washington; 85 in Houston; 76 in Chicago; 80 in Atlanta; 67 in Seattle and 76 in Burbank, California.

    -With assistance from Asjylyn Loder in New York, Whitney McFerron in London and Luzi Ann Javier in Singapore. Editors: Charlotte Porter, Margot Habiby

    To contact the reporter on this story: Brian K. Sullivan in Boston at
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    It may only be a few years away for today's drought areas to turn into a desert.

    De-salination plants and lots of them may be a temporary answer !
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    What are Obama's and Romney's GREEN creds ? If any.

    Spend half the military's budget on green issues and actually achieve something worthwhile. I doubt if Iran will launch an all out invasion in the near future.

    The enviroment can't wait
  4. when youve finished rubbing one out to whatever Malthusian environmental apocalypse is the flavour of the month, feel free to join us back in reality..

    theres nothing more intellectually bankrupt then the AGW crowd, where allegedly the earths climate remained in stasis up until the industrial revolution
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    A typical " head in the sand " attitude that lets politicians off from doing anything meaningful.

    Probably a flat earthist or something
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    If one is looking at the USA then look North. An abundance of fresh water in those lakes. Just needs a President with a bit of ooomph to pipe it to where it's needed.
  7. yes because your all knowing, all seeing, benevolent overlords/politicians have a wonderful history of doing the best for mankind and not the special interest...

    if you want to change the world do it through the market, dont petition politicians to thieve and impose your beliefs/religion upon the rest of us.