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  1. Hey guys, hows it going....

    Ok, I would like to start learning how to set up some automated qualities but do not know where to start....What do you advise for someone who wants to start learning automated trading, but does not have much programming experience. I have some, but not to the extent of some of you.

    What platform/broker is the best?

    What programming code is best? (C, C++)

    Thank you for any help you can give!
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    What is "best" is open to much debate, but I can say that you could start with this and it will work:

    Broker: Interactive Brokers - They have a easy to use API and it is open and free and easily hooks to the below software.

    Software: MS Visual Studios (C++, VB, C#, etc - doesn't matter, whatever you like) - Sure, you might be able to use Perl, Delphi, Java, Python...but why bother? The MS stuff is well-documented and there are plenty code samples and free help on-line.
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    kastro if your just learning this stuff dont even deal with C or C++ these languages are alot more difficult to master unless you had educated yourself for at least a few months or years. try VB its the easiest one to master.
  4. Kastro, whilst I am a C++/Java/C# guy, you will find an increasing number of people waxing lyrical over Python and its ease of learning/use.

    I suggest you perform a search for other threads on this, and there are plenty of free web resources on the language (from books to dev environments).

    Then again it depends on what API is available to you in order to auto-trade - don't know how python handles COM/ActiveX if at all. There are a few on ET who could easily answer this (else do a web search).
  5. Python is the way to go Kastro, imo. It's capabilities, when utilized, are faster than C++. I'm a very satisfied user for a year now. The diverse community praises it for it's ease of use, extendable capabilities, and portability.

    There's an excellent api for IB called IbPy, and it demonstrates some of python's "quick capability" programming without even including any "C" extension(s). Lot's of libraries ("tool boxes") have already been developed, that are written in "C" (or other), and then wrapped in python for ease of use.

    You won't be disappointed. Besides, why pay for M$ when there's an OpenSource community that you should consider supporting, imo.

  6. Thank you for all the replies guys! Ill look into that for sure! Might be back here pretty soon though :)
  7. Thank you for all the replies guys! Ill look into that for sure! Might be back here pretty soon though :)
  8. Why reinvent the wheel, we have a solution already put in place that is robust, scaleable, and extremely reliable. PM for more details.
  9. What's it cost spammy?
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    If you have to ask...

    you can't afford it! :D
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