Greeks on index options online somewhere?

Discussion in 'Options' started by JPope, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. JPope


    I am looking for a site (preferably free) where I can look up the greeks (delayed is ok) on ES, YM, other commodities possibly?
  2. JPope


    is there not even anything subscription based out there that would offer this?
  3. Go to and look up the greeks for SPY and DIA instead. :cool:
  4. nitro


    If you are hedging options in this manner, you are accident waiting to happen unless you are trading 1 lots.

    It is hard enough trading them with realtime information using a model you understand!
  5. JPope


    This will not be used for portfolio hedging, scalping, etc but thanks for your concern. I suppose the DIA and SPY greeks would be comparable Thanks Nazz...any factors we're not thinking of that could effect pricing?
  6. Make sure you fully understand the expiration and exercise guidelines of whatever you trade. :cool: