Greeks now wish to renegotiate bailout based on Spain's deal.

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  1. in a world where chinese, pakistanis and hindu people are happy to work 12 hrs /day for a piece of papers (actually a computer symbols in Windows OS)
    in other words, worthless bonds, the West can print as much as they want.

    Literally, Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal could lay on a beach whole year and live a luxurious life, while China will buy their debt.

    And even without China, Germans are cheerful to send money to PIIGS, as it was the case for the last 20 years.
  2. They all seem to forget... "Gold is money, THAT'S IT!" -- JP Morgan
  3. The the ugly head of late industrialization. You're slave of Western businesses, local elites, and money systems. Your environment is being destroyed while you're working in substandard conditions for sub-par wages. But you're still happy because it's the only real employment in town. Your sweat and blood will just be meaningless numbers at some banks or some crony GDP calculations. Get used to it, this is the reality of the new global empire and no one will be spared except for the elites.
  4. Correctamundo!

    This is what we get when greedy little parasites vote for the likes of Odumbo and his promise of "free ice cream".. (Of course, "free" to some means "at the expense of others"... not something the parasites take into consideration or care about.. so long as they get "something for nothing/their vote")

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  5. The mob is hungry. Hurry, more bread (food stamps) is needed pronto or they'll tear down the palace (capitol hill).
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    Run along back to your cave and candle light then....
  7. There is some debate over exactly what he said to congress in 1912 (I'm sure it could be found) but if these are not the exact words they are close enough!!

    One version is:

    "Gold is Money. Everything else is credit."

    And there are others floating around. Smart guy!


  8. Morgan said that because he was left out of the looting of America.

    The creation of the Federal Reserve was being talked about at this time. The Fed was actually created in 1913.

    Rockefeller and 2 other guys whose names I forget were central in creating the Fed. Morgan was left huffing about principals, and President Wilson was duped (which he later admitted), by swindlers from New York.

    Why is it always New York? I leave them to their fate. I don't care what's happened to them up there.
  9. I thought everyone out there in the rest of the country likes us New Yorkers. I'm shocked!!

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