Greeks, europe and ebt overall...AAPL

Discussion in 'Economics' started by tango29, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. I have to wonder who the hell buys AAPL products? I seem to see a Europe that is in deep crap, but yet somehow there is a market for tech like AAPL. AAPL products are priced on the high end. We have debt through the roof in the US, especially student debt, which was the largest componenet of the last consumer debt report. Yet there aren't jobs for those kids, but I guess they can buy AAPL products?! What the hell? I guess I have to admit I am too stupid to figure out the debt issues, and explain how people are still buying high priced tech. Amazing, and guess good I don't rely on my opinion for daily plays in the markets. NUTS!
  2. The money for the toys comes largely from the student debt which seems to be the government showing that things aren't so bad by giving training money to a block of potential voters. Many of them have not had the life experience to look gift horses in the mouth and wonder why the generosity. They may think it is deserved.

    Boy as I read this reply, it sounds like socialism to me.