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  1. Since Greece has a good chance of default this year (or maybe next), it seems a reasonable probability that Greek stocks will go further into the crapper and have a true washout to end their bear market, like Russia in 98 or Argentina in 2001-02 after their defaults.

    If history is any guide, this should throw up some excellent bargain prices in Greek stocks. I am therefore starting this thread to field suggestions of investment candidates on the Greek markets - it can be any Greek financial asset (or foreign one linked strongly to Greece), including bonds etc, but I would suggest keeping the focus mostly on equities. The idea would be to create a shortlist, and then to wait for total market carnage after a Greek default, in order to start averaging into the most attractively valued stocks.

    Any takers?
  2. You like the juice?
  3. muller


    Any greek entities except thai boxers listed in US markets?

    And, oh, what about Iceland?
  4. The juice is good, eh? I get you more juice.
  5. Shhhhh


    NBG: Beaten up pretty good YTD but I think it has room to fall further before bouncing back.
  6. What about Iceland?

    Also, if you are going to limit your investments to stocks listed on US markets, you are basically saying that you would rather incinerate money rather than fill out a few forms. That is a very lazy attitude, you will find it hard to achieve anything exceptional in life with that kind of slacker approach.
  7. Greece is not Iceland.

    There will be free money to be made. But not sure about timing. Still not time I think.
  8. Alpha Bank - No. 2 in size
    Eurobank EFG - No 3 in size
    Piraeus Bank - No 4 in size

    Their financial sector is relatively small.
  9. Did you hear about the Greek boy that ran away from home?

    He was tired of being reared by his father...
  10. I concur
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