Greek makes nothing, so how can they pay off debts?

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  1. They don't produce anything. What have you bought lately made in greece?

    Even Greek Yogurt is not made in Greece.

    They don't make software either.

    So how are they going to pay the Germans back?
  2. Greek yogurt was invented in Turkey not greece.
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    ... fuckin' Greeks

    (Boss Paul Vitti, Analyse This)
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    Maybe the Greeks can charge a bit more for the Donkey Rides.
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    Tourism is their primary revenue generator it seems. A week currency would help them immensely I would think. It would at least allow more money to flow into their country, even though their input costs would go up as well.

    Not sure why they are delaying the inevitable of dropping from the EU.
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    misery likes company e.g ireland , Portugal, italy happily ever joined in southern peso union.
  7. only small meaningless things come from greece like, i dont know.... democracy , math, just dumb stuff.
  8. Hard to monetize those assets. I also would not give Greece the monopoly on math ... but partial credit is impressive.

    The fact is Greece and many other countries are insolvent. Their problems are not going to be solved by continuing "booster shots" of liquidity and everyone knows that. The ECB, IMF etc. can add ... this is a farce to allow the establishment to get all their ducks in a row before the plugs are pulled on many drains.

  9. you mean us govt doesn't pay license fee to greece for use of 'democracy'? :D
  10. open up about 2,000 casinos, legalize prostitution, marijuana, and allow amnesty for all mobsters.

    oh, they will make money from the rest of the world.

    even charge a fee to fire tanks at empty buildings....

    what could possible go wrong with this plan?
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