Greek Government loses majority: CNBC

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  1. And.....

    In the bizarro world we now live in, this news of complete chaos is good for a 175 point bounce in the DAX.

    400 point moves followed by 300 point moves all on bullshit. i have never seen such a knee jerk market in 25+ years.

    The moves in this market are purely the whim of money much bigger than ours who decide THIS is what we are going to do today. i truly believe they are laughing all the way to the bank
  2. So thats the news that once again has delayed my S&P short target of 1205.8 being hit AGAIN!! :mad:

    THis is getting ridiculous, why wont this piece of shit just crash!!!
  3. my bad.... 230 points now.

    because, when there is a total run on the greek banks and it's in complete chaos and the Spainish and Italians learn from the Greek bullshit- buy buy buy.

    fucking rigged game
  4. It was decided on Oct 1 that the market would rally. Now that the news doesn't support the continued bouts of Hopium about growth and fairy tales and other assorted delusions, the market can't just fall to pieces, new stories need to be manufactured to explain how "such and such" negates "this and that".
  5. 5 years ago, 90% of the people on here would call you a nut job if you ever thought central banks and their cronies routinely collude to "put a bid" under xyz market.

    There are some myths that people will defend to their graves.
  6. Perfectly stated.
    The trading game is over for retail traders.
  7. sheda


    Yea the market moves like a break-dancer with a rat up its ass, the games over:D
  8. Hey the Greek PM just sacked all of the military. Maybe they re-organize and do a coup like they did a few decades ago. That should help towards a crash. Maybe? Hehe crazy Greeks.
  9. Don't worry a Greek military coup would equal another 300pt rally in the Dow. :D
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