Greek Crisis Exacts the Cruelest Toll

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Will the new normal cause mass world suicides?

  1. Yes. Most people cannot handle the psychological stress and need help.

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  2. No. This is the saddest thing possible, but it will subside.

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care.

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    "HERAKLION, Greece—The first time he despaired of his debts, Vaggelis Petrakis drank a poisonous brew of beer and gasoline.

    A note he left didn't mention the financial woes of his fruit and vegetable business, of which his family was well aware. Instead, he left instructions for his children on how to look after his animals. "Put mother rabbit in a different place from the little rabbits," the note began..."
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    The US is headed in the same direction. Greatest at risk are the elderly.

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    Josephus Describes the Mass Suicide at Masada
    Some scholars maintain that Josephus' account of the tragedy at Masada is contradicted by archaeological evidence. Read the conclusions from Shaye Cohen's article "Masada: Literary Tradition, Archaeological Remains, and the Credibility of Josephus"
  5. pretty sad..but what to do...