Greek austerity bill passes preliminary vote test

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  1. ATHENS (Reuters) - A majority of lawmakers in the Greek parliament voted to approve the government's 30 billion euro ($40.25 billion) austerity bill in a preliminary non-binding vote on Thursday.
  2. Bunch of absolute morons. They would rather riot and throw molotov cocktails at the police than to work harder and take a paycut. pathetic. I bet if the bailout package gave them free coffee for life and tax breaks for cafe's then they'd all throw a party.
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    The people oppose the bailout, that is why they are rioting. The politicians voted for it against them. Just like healthcare here, except we didnt riot, much.
  4. and the riots start again....
  5. They oppose the bailout because it means their salaries get cut - that's why they're rioting. This is nothing like the US bailouts... Greece is more socialist than France - way more. This is what happens when a welfare state can't pay it's bills.
  6. Poetic justice indeed.

  7. exactly, morons.

  8. exactly, morons.

  9. exactly, morons.
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