greedytrader's journal of trading

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  1. Just started trading after some simulated trading. Use 26k to follow pattern-day trading rules. Will start after funds are transferred into the account.
  2. I will trade a few big name stocks: apple, google, cisco, microsoft. My strategy is to buy low and sell high.
    My goal is to make 200 dollars a day, on average.

    Because my broker is new, I am still familiarizing myself with the trading platform.

    Should start trading next week.
  3. I didn't see my previous posts showing up in time, a delay of some type, so I won't post every day, probably I will make it a weekly journal.
  4. still getting familiar with the trading platform,

    the plan is to begin trading next week.
  5. Officially started trading today.

    After much mental preparation, I sent a market order to short a stock, but my broker sent a message on the monitor screen: Shares are not available for shorting. So I had to give up the attempt.

    I was really angry, because that would have been a very profitable trade if my broker had had enough shares available for shorting.
  6. Bought some Facebook shares today. Went red afterwards. Will hold for a while. The CEO is in the news today, promising to take care of investors. I hope my shares are taken care of.
  7. What is or was your plan on FB? Stop? Target?
  8. My plan is simple (Keep it simple, I read somewhere in some books): Sell when I am in the profit. So I am going to be patient and wait (Waiting makes money, I read somewhere, not sure in a book or on a website).
  9. What is your plan if FB continues to move against you?

    From the start of the journal, it seemed like you were planning on daytrading. Are you investing in FB? Position trading? Swing Trading?
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