Greedy wifes are the real cause of America economic crisis?

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  1. Greedy wifes cause (fools) to get unpayable debt to get things they otherwise couldn't afford?
  2. Joab


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  3. I can't accept as serious any attempt from an idiot who misspells "wives".

  4. you touch his wife when you shake his hand
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    housewives of orange county/atlanta - seminal and zenithal moment in american opulence/self centered materialist catty petty whores
  6. Dont forget those NYC cows as well!

    Men dying younger from stress so the women can shop shop shop.
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  8. 1970: Guess Who Band member,
    "American Woman stay away from meeeee"

    1976: Guess Who Band member
    "Hi, can I buy you a drink?, I'm a member of the band Guess Who"

    (looking up) "get lost"
    (her friend) "what a loser"
  9. Just love that, you crazy bastard. As my old gran pappy used to say "a dog, a woman and a walnut tree, the more you beat them the better they be", a wise old cove if ever there was one, and such a kind and gentle man. On a serious note: woman looks to man as man looks to god, so we're all fucked.
  10. you do know there is like ONE chromosome diff b/w a man and wo-man?

    think of THAT next time you oogle 'her' azz

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