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  1. Any one using default chart`s grid as a support and resistance lines?No?You should!
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    Who let you out of the clinic?
  3. The same who will sing you your last song!!!
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    Yes I have been using the Gann Square for several years, works good.

  5. Do you plot them on the chart,or use some sort of side soft?
  6. GS19


    The Gann Grid comes with my charting package. The size can be
    changed, experience tells me how large to make the grid. Also the
    vertical lines can be turned off. I was using the chart grid but that is
    fixed to time and price.

  7. GS,what did you mean by fixed to time and price?
  8. GS19


    Check the screen shot

    This has improved my trading 20 to 30%
  9. I got your message baby.Much respect,much love!

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    Another Screen Shot.

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