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  1. What is wrong with the USA healthcare (INSURANCE) to say this is cosmetic, so they can not pay? Why is to eat and talk "cosmetic"?

    Imagine losing the ability to talk, eat, or swallow food. That was the painful reality that Violetta Pernsley, 64, of Romansville, Pa., had to live with for nearly a year. Oral cancer caused her to lose the entire roof of her mouth, including her teeth. Due to the cancer, there was nothing above her tongue up to her nasal passage.

    After reconstructive surgery failed, Pernsley, who is a widow, was desperate for an artificial mouth plate that would cover the hole and give her new teeth, a process that costs $30,000. Despite her desperation, Pernsley says her medical and dental insurers refused to pay, calling it a cosmetic procedure.

    That’s when the staff at local oral surgeon Peter Famiglio decided to step in, volunteering to come in on their day off. Famiglio even got a local dental lab to donate $5,000 worth of material.

    “She’s a hardworking woman who has had the same job for many, many years, has “great” insurance but was caught in a trap here,” said Dr. Famiglio.

    Pernsley’s reaction to the news brought Famiglio's entire office to tears.

    “When I got the phone call that they were going to do this, all I could say was thank you for being earthly angels,” said Pernsley.

    Pernsley underwent her surgery on Monday. While she has regained the ability to eat, Pernsley is most looking forward to something else; being able to talk to her two daughters for the first time in nearly a year.
  2. Probably just practicing for obamacare where everything is free.
  3. You have to give credit to surgeon Peter Famiglio for stepping in to help.
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    Insurance fail right there. Anything reconstructive should not be considered "cosmetic".
  6. I'm sorry I just don't buy this story as told.

    Don't you find it curious that the specific insurance carrier is never mentioned.

    They aren't telling us the full story and I highly doubt an insurance company would consider this just cosmetic.

    Lots of starving lawyers out there would have loved to make this a class action case.

    So I call BULLSHIT, pending further info.

    When are you people ever going to learn the media lies by omission and they do it all the time.
  7. You're blind or just uninformed if you don't think this type of thing goes on everyday of the year.
  8. I just told you it happens all the time, what part of:
    "When are you people ever going to learn the media lies by omission and they do it all the time."

    Did you fail to grasp?
  9. The health insurance co.’s refusing and delaying payments for legitimate claims, that happens all the time. Hospitals & physicians overbilling the insurance co.'s, that also happens all the time, it's a den of thieves with the consumer stuck helpless in the middle.

    Is that put simply enough for you to grasp phoenix?
  10. Do some research on the company Mckinsey consulting and their relationship with the insurance companies and specifically their advise and the pratice of; delay deny defend. A little education can go a long way phoenix.
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