Greed ...will rescue that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ASusilovic, Jul 5, 2010.

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    Wall Street II : Money Never Sleep coming soon to a cinema near you...:D
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    One of my friend loved the WS movie and think "Greed is Good' but he is not a many friends not greedy but smart and wise are millionaires ( 4 of them are billionaires).:)
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    Greed is a good thing when combined with intelligence and rational behaviour, and a bad thing when combined with stupidity.
  4. I'm sure you have 4 friends who are billionaires. Praytell what are their names?
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    One of my friend just donated 10 million to charity last month .. he's a plain looking chinese guy always wearing plain white short-sleeve shirt and long black pant. (you can't tell he's a millionair). He has quite a character, he divorced his wife because she disliked his widowed mom and always wanted to kick his mom out. In the end, he kicked his 1st wife out and remarry someone who respects his mother. We said he's crazy but he says..."yeah...yeah..but i have only one mother, my dad passed away when i was 13, i will never kick my widowed mom out, hey ... i can always fall in luv again with someone who respects my mom. I told my new wife, i will never kick my mom out but i might kick my wife out if ... but still she wants to marry me , so i remarry again lol).:D

    the moral of the story-he's greedy, marry again and again but he is also smart .. coz in the end, his mom and his new wife and him now all very happy. Happy people are generous people.. this is the 1st time he donated 10 million. (We were Shocked!):D
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    None of them are americans .. are you chinese?:D if you are chinese .. i will tell you their names and also can join us in Per Se for dinner in Sept :D (right now, we are in asia)