greece wants to blame speculators on its failure

Discussion in 'Economics' started by piggie2000, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. lol when greece was getting drunk with unlimited debt all was fine as speculators bought there debt and financed there binge. now when its unwinds they want to blame the same people who gave them the wine. more sour grapes. i screamed for decades were were the authorities to stop the craziness of the past 20 years and nobody listened.
  2. When the government and all of their social spending programs get too large vs. the private sector.... it ALL GOES TO CRAP! Nobody to blame except the government overspenders and the hoi polloi clamoring for more and more at somebody else's expense.
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    no offense but why would anybody listen to you?

  4. screamed to people i know. but 10 years straight of over 500k a yr is a starter.
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    if it is true you made over 500k for 10 years then u deserve congratulations. of course we will never know for sure if it was dollars or vietnamese dong.

    why would u scream on this issue or for that matter on any issue?
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    maybe he's a banshee