Greece to roll out "diaspora bond"

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  1. Papaconstantinou said the government plans to try to sell debt to Greeks abroad, saying there were as many living overseas as in the country itself.

    “A diaspora bond which will tap the market and the willingness of Greeks abroad to contribute to this effort is something we want to do,” he said. “We’ll be rolling something like this out sometime in 2011.”

    Why selling it only to the diaspora ? I am sure many Greek "domestic" citizens will support their country, too, or ?
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    Good tutorial:

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    re: capitalizing diaspora incorrectly

    A diaspora (in Greek, διασπορά â€“ "a scattering [of seeds]") is the movement or migration of a group of people, such as those sharing a national and/or ethnic identity, away from an established or ancestral homeland. When capitalized, the Diaspora refers to the exile of the Jewish people and Jews living outside ancient or modern day Israel.