Greece - just default already !

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  1. I have watched Greece every day this week and every night a new headline of the same old news

    "Greece close to agreement with creditors"

    "Deal Near"

    "Talks ongoing into the night"


    It is Friday, 3:37 AM in Greece,

    and NO progress. WTF over !

    Just default already. Please !

    Anyone else care to chime in ?
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    I don't really follow this closely, but wasn't it a short while ago nobody agreed to 50% haircut, and now they are saying "deal is close" for 65-70% haircut and 4% interest for the new 30% year bond? This is crazy, or maybe it just seems that way to me, since my short position is clouding my judgement.
  3. In Greece
    The revolution will, in fact, be televised!
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  5. I fully agree with this title "Greece - just default already!"

    That way Greece can start on a clean slate and just start rebuilding their economy.

    Stop keeping everyone in suspense and taking time on the news in what we know is already inevitable!!