can they...

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  1. survive given the fact their own people are causing damage from riots, and they are not working due to strikes...police are on overtime, etc.

    How can this country get out of this mess given these facts ?
    This is economically damaging stuff they're doing.
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    They won't without leaving the EU, IMO. They agreed to austerity. Wait to see if they actually follow through with that, when election time rolls around.
  3. If they leave the EU, who in the heck is going to buy their debt obligations ? Some hedge funds seeking high returns ?
    Who else would take the chance of default ?
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    With a small correction ... I want to believe that "they agreed" refers to the politicians and NOT the people!

    This government has not been elected to deal with the 2010-2011 economic events. The info prior to the last election was thousands of miles away from what is happening today, so no one represents the people.

    Indeed, this is not sustainable within the EU.
    It is just s time bomb that WILL explode
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    IMHO, there is vast interest in this country, and this is exactly why all this is happening right now.
    There has been Asian and Russian interest already. There are other ways to fund the debt in ways sustainable for the ppl, but for now it is under western control unfortunately
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    If they leave the EU, they can weaken their currency and bolster their #1 asset..... tourism.
  7. Makes sense....debtors win effectively because foreign holders get paid back with a currency that yields less in their native currency.
    Do I have this right ?
  8. With their "entitlement checks", they still get paid... even when rioting and destroying the town.

    (That's what "entitlement" eventually brings.... America, take notice!)
  9. Borrow in gold. Repay in lead. It's alchemy, Greek style.
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