Greece bailout is cause of market rally today?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by jedwards, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Can someone explain why talk of a Greek bailout by the EU is the reason for a bailout today?

    I would have expected the opposite, ie. a lower Euro, stronger dollar, possibly slightly stronger gold, and the stock market to go down a bit.

    If Germany and France have to bail out Greece, thus setting up a dangerous precedent, it just means that the value of the Euro should be dropping. I'm not sure I follow the logic that the Euro should be 0.01 stronger because of it, can someone please explain it?

    Or is this strictly a technical rally due to hitting some fib number on the SPX?
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    just hold's not EOD yet..btw-IWM is about +1.2% at the open...0.35% right now..
  3. Too many variables to attribute a market move to one single event.
  4. The Greek Bailout (which didn't even happen yet) is merely the reason the idiot newsies latched on to.
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    There is a bailout coming, why wouldn't there be. This is a risk free global market place, no need to worry about anything, any time there is something to worry about its fixed within a few months with plenty of free money to everyone and anything.

    The bailout will take place and everything will be back to normal again, so they think...............
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    Euro Zone Agreed in Principle to Aid Greece: Report
    Published: Tuesday, 9 Feb 2010 | 11:58 AM ET
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    By: Reuters

    Euro zone countries have decided in principle to help debt-stricken Greece, a senior German ruling coalition source said on Tuesday.

    Jorg Greuel | Getty Images

    "The decision on help for Greece has been taken in principle within the euro zone," said the source.

    Various options were being considered and no decision had yet been taken but the most likely possibility was to offer Greece "bilateral help", said the source.
  7. You got it. These guys have all the answers. :D