Greatest Volumes

Discussion in 'Options' started by Grant, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Grant


    Which US indexes (indices?) have the greatest daily volume? Rough figures would also be appreciated.

    Are they European- or US-style?

    Locating the details on the various exchanges is a bit of nightmare - I've tried so I'm not being lazy, here.

    Thank you in anticiaption.

  2. Really? Simply picking up a wall street journal and looking at the most active list of options would tell you which index options had the most volume :)
  3. More importantly, I should start a poll on whether it is better to use indexes or indices.
  4. that's just crazy talk mo.
  5. Appears to be contagious.
  6. Grant


    I could have spent the time reading fatuous remarks looking for the info as well.

  7. lol