Greatest swing/position trader(s) in the world

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  1. Hi.
    In your viewpoint, who is/are the greatest swing/position trader(s) in the world (please give the full name)?
    [don't say you or someone unknown!]

    Why do you feel they are the greatest?

    How successful they are?

    What have you learnt from them?

    Thank you. :)
  2. ME! :cool:
  3. Too bad (the answer). :(

    I suppose you should have learnt from some great (known) traders in the world.

    So who are they?
  4. Self taught and books, but we have many threads already about favorite books.
  5. Books?
    So what books, and why?
    Thank you!
  6. There are threads already on what books are good. I've posted my opinions on them already.
  7. no one knows :confused:
  8. mahras2


    Paul Tudor Jones. I don't think I have to say how successful he is. You also have guys like Kovner, Bacon etc.
  9. Daal


  10. No, you don't need to say how successful he is.

    But why do you pick this particular trader?
    You know, there're still other successful traders around. :p
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