Greatest Journal Ever??

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    This may have been done before but I was wondering everyone's or anyone's thoughts on what they considered to be the most useful journal.
    Tia Steve
  2. If you are trading Forex a stock journal may be of little help as would a forex journal if you are trading index futures. The question is subjective since the best journal is in the eye of the beholder and also if the Journal is related to the same security you are trading.
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  4. Search for his ID ( Hitman )he had one of the longest running journal on ET.
  5. his name is silly junk, only real trading info....go into search and u find him.......
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  7. AFterburner Journals,

    First one is a classic...

    His follow-up was ok but not as good as the first one.

    I just like any journal that gets into the psychological aspects of trading.

    After that...he disappeared in the Economics thread to never be seen again.

    In fact, someone recently said that the Economics thread is like the Bermuda Triangle. :D

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