Greatest Forex SIM trader Ever?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by BlueTurtle, Jul 12, 2012.

Is SIM trading worthless?

  1. 100% Yes, Worthless

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  2. No, I use SIM sometimes

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  3. No, I think SIM is critical to learning

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  4. I've never traded SIM

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  1. From $100,000 to $111,000 in one day!!! Basically no losers!!!

    Wow, I can't wait till I get a real account and make billions!!

    This is why SIM is almost utterly worthless.

    Use SIM to get used to hitting the buttons, that is about it.

    Just something to think about.

    If you lose "money" trading SIM, you really have 0% chance.

    Now if I can only start a guru online website and charge millions!!!

    I just need to post the disclaimer.
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  2. Brass


    SIM millions?
  3. does the FX market somehow know when you are trading sim versus cash?

    if so, how would the market tell the difference?
  4. Has nothing to do with the market and all to do with trader psychology. I mean, the spread may be a just a bit different during news releases , but at the end of the day, your emotions wont run so up and down with sim, so that makes it a lot easier to trade. And its important to sim with the amount you will trade live with too.
  5. With this SIM, it was about quickly pulling a chart, looking for a few seconds, zero indicators only price, and then selling or buying. Taking heat of up to 1800 is meaningless, and it turned out that almost every trade was "better" than spending endless hours of research, prop. indicators, etc...

    sure, if someone wants to wire me $100,000 I'll try it with your money.

  6. when I was a kid, we didn't have sim. If we did, I would be a lot richer than I am today.

    If you are flat and of sound mind and body, put it on in the sim.

    When it goes to hell, that is a good time to put it on for real.
  7. I will now try to lose a lot of "money"

    But so far it seems to be easier to print "money" via sim.

    it's funny, really zero losers.

    something isn't right here

    see attachment
  8. once my sim account got way ahead of my real account. Instead of resetting it, I just tried to lose enough to get it back to even.

    I broke every rule

    1. Took any profit no matter how small and switched sides

    2. Added to losers

    Finally after about four hours I was exhausted and up even more

    So I just figured that must be how you make money in forex
  9. Only up 25% in a few weeks. Only took one trade in last 4 days....EUR/$$$. It was a big loser, until today, when then it became a massive winner.

    Never use stops, hold trade until it's profitable.

    i'm not kidding, on this SIM I think i'm like 11/12 profitable trades.


    what kind of SIM is this???

    note: send me 100k and I will try this with your money

  10. "When it goes to hell, that is a good time to put it on for real."

    Oldtimer that is really funny!
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