Greatest Daytrader(s) in the world

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  1. Hi.
    In your viewpoint, who is/are the greatest daytrader(s) in the world (please give the full name)?
    [don't say you or someone unknown!]

    Why do you feel they are the greatest?

    How successful they are?

    What have you learnt from them?

    Thank you. :)
  2. No one knows.
  3. dazed101


    hedge fund managers
  4. Daytrading is too difficult?!
    Or no individual can get rich by daytrading, so no legendary daytrader?!
  5. dazed101


    hedge fund manager
  6. Cheese


    Daytrading where you are pretty much stripping out the bulk of the profit points a market offers each day would not be admitted. It would stupid to do so. The scale on which you can do this, won't be answered either.

    This is why a lot of innocent questions on ET do not get accurate, real or substantial answers. I make no claims and do not give details.

    General principles and approaches, which are RELEVANT, of course, can be noted by those with the purpose, intelligence and willpower to set out on the quest to conquer the market. Also the seeker can take whatever he or she needs from any & all available resources.
  7. i know a guy who is hugely succesful with an automated system - operates out of florida (for lack of taxes) and supposedly makes on the order of 20k/day.

    he has multiple t3s to his office and has hired a full-time programmer. i have seen his outrageous condo and i hear he has off-shore accounts and the whole nine yards.

    he made his money on the NAZ runnup of 97-00 and succesfully parlayed it into an automated system that is hugey succesful.
  8. Rearden Metal
  9. Cute. 20k/day is only 5 million/year. You call that "hugely successful?"
  10. yes, i do.

    feel free to add to this discussion if you have anything worth contributing.

    spare me.
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