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  1. I'm better than you.
  2. Maybe only because you have 1028 posts to my 481 posts.

    *Getting the feeling this is going to be yet another classic thread*
  3. Don't feel bad, you'll catch up. I can tell that you've a lot on your mind. Post one post fifty times.
  4. Fine. Here's something...

    Saudi Says Shooting Spree Was 'Act of Madness'

    You see that title? I ask, who really cares WHAT the Saudis say?

    I really think it's time we start charging for entry to this thread, Rowenwood, for others to be able to post on it. We should do it now before it's too late.

    This clearly has the potential to become the GREATEST thread EVER posted on ET therefore it's worth the price of admission.

  5. Good idea. But I'll be back later today.
    Do me a favor and start insulting people. Get it all underway, and 3/4 way completed so that when I return I'll get to perform the coup de grace. Tease the god idiots, prove to them their stupidity.
  6. Do either one of you actually trade?
  7. Tits. Do you know that females are less intelligent than males? Squeeze your utters baby, I'm male.
  8. How the cow got its utters
    by William Bender

    A very long long long time ago, there was this animal with four legs that went moooooo. He mooed all day and did not stop. The great creator told the cow to stop mooing. But, the cow did not listen. He keeped on mooing day in and day out. The creator said,

    "Why don't you be like the rooster and be useful". The cow said, "mooooo". And then the creator went to thinking about what to do about the mooing animal. Five days went by. The creator thought, "What should I do with this animal. Should I make her a mammal or a reptile. Should she be of use to my other creations like humans". He kept on thinking about the cow for ten more days. He was thinking about how the cow could be of use to humans. Should she be like the chicken laying eggs for the humans. She could be extra-ordinary to the humans for a side order of beef or for liquid type nutrients. The creator then decided to give the cow utters to give her enough milk for her babies and for the humans. So the creator went to where he saw the cow last and told the cow, "You are a fool to moo all the time. Now you have to do work. Hard work. You will get utters to give your babies milk and the humans milk. And when your life is over, you will be of use to the humans again by giving the humans meat". Then the cow said, "moooo moooo yessss". The creator said, "Is this cow crazy or what". Then the creator went on to make other animals better.

    The End, or is it.
  9. I would say that that would fall under the category of "a line of attack," what do you think, Rowenwood?

    *checking the check mark in the Show Signature box* (OH, the moderators took it away :( )
  10. Yes, but she decided that she is too scared of me to argue. She changed her mind. LOL. I sent her a PM that made her cry.
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