Great wall of china project in us, kill two birds with one stone?

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  1. We spend tens of billions a month rebuilding IRaq, on the IRaq war etc.

    Why not spend that protecting our border, for less than the total cost of our Iraq invasion, we could build a super tall wall like the Great wall of china across the entire US/Mexico border.

    This would cut down by a huge amout the Illegal immigration problem, and employ lots of Americans to build,maintain and secure the wall.

    Put up Cameras and Concertina wire at the top and spikes as well + Electrify it.

    Put up BIG Cross and skull bone warnings on the Mexican facing sign in spanish/english with electrocution hazard warnings.

    Why arent we working on such a project. The Arizona NWO "Are your papers in order" Plan is idiotic since you are creating a slippery slope towards a police state like in East Germany.
  2. because US needs cheap labor
  3. A lot of truth in that.

    But it isn't just the sunbelt. Beef cutting in Colorado, Sugar beet fields of Nebraska.

    Somebody ought to work on the Dept. of Immigration.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't all the pilots in the 9-11 event here legally.

    ATM's are bi-lingual. Seems to be a disparity concerning other nationalities. My ancestors had to learn English. There were no hand-outs.
  4. because if you don't support illegal immigration in the US then you are clearly just a racist. at least that is the only argument i ever hear coming back.
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    According to the Congressional Budget Office: "The tax revenues that unauthorized immigrants generate for state and local governments do not offset the total cost of services provided to those immigrants."

    Yah, eliminating those cash-under-the-table drywall and painting jobs will severely hinder economic growth. We need illegals to perform the jobs that Americans are unwilling and unable to do. Without illegals, who would line the pockets of white contractors?
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    The only problem with immigration is the fact that we've made a system that benefits them, if we remove the benefits then they'll have to work and America won't seem like such a fantastic place. Even if they do keep flooding in at least they'll have to contribute to the economy in some way.
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    They don't want any border at all, let alone a wall.

    On a side note, anyone else see the word ATM and think of something wholly different than a cash dispenser? If the rest of the public becomes as sick as me, we are gonna have to change that one. I know you hardworkin sec people know what I'm talkin about.
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    Why build a wall? It would probably be built with chaep, illegal mexican labor anyway!

    I think a mine field might be more appropriate...:D :D
  9. besides the cheap labor, the mexicans also bring in fresh blood. US population is aging and the country is in need of young people. the mexicans tend to have large families, so that's works out great: US gets both cheap labor and young blood.

    it is the policy of US government to allow illegal immigration - no doubt about that.
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    Here is the problem.

    The people want ILLEGAL immigration stopped and a viable cross boarder worker program instituted.

    The ILLEGAL Immigrants mostly just want to work for even the low low ILLEGAL immigrant wages offered and maybe eventually become citizens or maybe go home eventually.

    The Democrats want to keep ILLEGAL immigrants and help them to become citizens because the poor usually vote Democrat for the social hand outs the Democrats pass.

    The Republicans want to keep ILLEGAL immigrants so businesses can keep costs down with cheap undocumented workers.

    So, it's the wishes of the people vs the wishes of the politicians. So far, Politicians 1, People 0.
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