Great Traders of the 20th Century

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    If you could sit down and talk with one of the great 20th century traders who would it be and why? :cool:
  2. drobin


    Mine would be Soros. I believe the man has insight into financial markets that people are still trying to understand.
  3. I already have.
  4. What did you ask him?
  5. Tradefox


    Paul Tudor Jones

    I would ask him to SHOW me what he learned on the floor of the cotton exchange it is the bases for everything he does imo.
  6. We spoke about something else, an abiding lifelong interest of his which I share.

    He did say at one point, "markets naturally go like this" and he drew a wave pattern in the air with his finger.
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    Marty Schwartz
  8. m22au


    Warren Buffett ... to learn about his screening criteria
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    Snoop Doggy Dogg
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