Great systems for serious traders

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by brownsfan019, May 28, 2006.

  1. don't waste your money. you can get dell awesome 20 inch monitors onsale many times for $369 so you can get 8 for 3k or so vs there 4800. also get a dell e510 for $500 or so and add some video cards as they're awesome computers
  2. big - my problem was that I don't like having to add extra stuff myself. I am not a computer techie and realize it's probably not hard for some people, but for me, I want to get a machine that is fully equipped when I get it, not after I fine tune it.

    So, for me, the extra money it may cost is well worth it, but you bring up a good point!
  3. i like those powerful pc, not dear at all considerin' performance and apparent excellent built...the top of the range laptop is a knock out imo.
  4. I have to agree with you Bitstream!! Take a look at those spec's! :D
  5. yesss...orgasmic stuff, innit[?] :D
  6. We'll just say these machines are pretty tight. Yes, not the cheapest, but when it comes to my trading machines, I only want the best!!
  7. I wouldn't want to vouch for it, but you'll find some interesting information about running different trading software on dual cpu's / dual core cpu's:

    Such information is usually carefully hidden from view by both hardware AND software vendors.

    PS: I never would buy a PC with too much blue or purple light.