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    can a representative of elitetrader tell me who designed, built and hosts this site?

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    That would be me :D
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    so is this your full time ...job? or are you a trader and this is a side thing?
  5. this is a very well done site.
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    When I first started the site back in 97, I was trading every day. I was trading profitably from home but I was feeling a bit isolated so I created the site as way to share my experiences with others, and learn from them as well. As the site grew during the first year, I dedicated 20% of my time to the site, and 80% to trading. That was a nice balance, but it didn't last long. The site continued to grow quickly so I came to a crossroad where I had to decide what I really wanted to do more: be a trader or run Elite Trader because there was no way I was going to do both well.

    Even though I was making a good living from trading, I chose to shift all of my focus on this site because I felt like it was a better use of the talents God has given me, and because it brings me satisfaction knowing that I'm providing a platform through which traders can interact and help each other.

    If you've heard anything about the online advertising business in the last two years, you know I didn't get in this for the money. It's a tough business, but it does pay the bills so I'm happy.

    Needless to say, this is my full time job but I do try to squeeze in some trading here and there when I have some free time or when market conditions are really compelling.
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    Defiantely a great of the best I've ever run across. If only have of the web could be this useful. :)
  8. i have a shortcut to this site on my windows desktop.
  9. Well done Baron... That's a very good thing and all my wishes of success..
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    mbs you build sites for others as well?
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