Great short candidate: ISRG

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  1. Anyone agrees? Just take a look at the three or six months chart...
  2. NEVER short a stock just because its going up... STUPIDEST trade ever...

    Need a catalyst!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I did not mean to imply that the run-up was the only reason to sell... I've been following this company for several months now. Yes, they've had a couple of good Qs. But in all honesty, it just looks very expensive now (based on the fundamentals and the product line, they have one product BTW)...
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    Remember that shoring a stock is very risky. Imagine what happened to your money if you've shorted Microsoft 10 years ago.
  5. hedgeyourbets,

    You'd probably make more money going long on ISRG if you can hold through some whips for 2-3 weeks.

    Check TrendFaders post, good advice espically a certain word in it. :)
  6. Are you implying that ISRG is the next MSFT?
    For every MSFT I can show dozens of JDSUs and NTs...

    Shorting can be also very profitable. I just wish I knew that back in 2000 :)

  7. Yes, it is close. 10% short interest. Keeps going up because of the blowing of stops of those trying to find the top. Also big short interest will make them hang until all are stopped out. Doesn't look as if the stops are out yet.

    This is ok to sell after the stops are out and the only way to know for sure is to wait for big up day. Otherwise it is gambling.

  8. I am not sure how you base your short here, although it does appear extended.

    It's not fluff, this company. They produce an innovative surgical product that sells for more than $1 million, and which produces revenue streams via training, service, upgrades, etc. They sold 27 in the last quarter. And there are less than 100
    out there. THe United States alone has 7569 hospitals, and there must be as many in Europe.

    If only 3% of the those 15,000 hospitals that perform surgery undertake the type of surgeries this machine assists in, then they have a potential market of 450. If it is 10%, then the potential market is $1,300,000,000 plus another 700 mil for service and training.

    The margin on the equipment is about 70%.

    This doesn't include Asia and Latin America.
  9. Too bad the math does not work like that in the real world. Just ask TASR. I am sure a lot of hospitals would actually feel reluctant to buy their surgical device. As the use of it will dramatically reduce their profits (much shorter hospital stay among other things). The consumer will have to get educated real fast and start demanding it. But you know how people are… They don’t worry about those things until sh1t actually happens. In the meantime, I am sure one or more of the bigger medical device companies are working on releasing a competing product. After all, look at the numbers you supplied... Who would want to pass on earning such profits?
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