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    By far Stockfetcher is the most flexible and easy stock screener I've ever used. At the risk of sounding selfish, I wasn't sure I wanted to share this gem. It seems that once a site becomes popular the next thing that happens is a subscription rate increase.
    But in fairness to those that have developed it, here's the link.
    They have done a great job, and deserve to have their hard work rewarded.
  2. Yea, I used to go there when it was free, and I think it's been discussed here on another thread in the past. Just don't think the service is worth 9 bucks a month-- too many other sites with more capabilities. If you really want to spam the site, tell 'em to go back to offering it free-- maybe that way they'll get people using the site again.
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    are there any free screeners out there that are worth anything?
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    What are you, some kind of moron, or did someone steal your cheerios this morning?

    Before you speak, why not do some research? Check my past posts. I have never spammed a site! Doesn't bode well for you DD.

    Instead of revealing your negative side, why not list some sites of equal content, as you've so eloquently claimed there are?
  5. Neovest's First Alert is a real time scanner/filter and lots more. Its not browser based. It will find stocks based on almost inumerate criteria real time. It is very expensive, however it is incredibly powerful. There was another lengthy thread on this issue not long ago, you should do a search.

    P.S. There was only one other dedicated program on the market mentioned in that last thread that matches First Alert's abilities and I'm wondering if anybody knows of any more these days. I'm not interested in web sites or weak "canned" filters such as RealTicks's.
  6. How much is First Alert internet version ? Does anybody know ?
  7. A good free screener for end of day research is at MSN's Click on stock screener and you can create your own custom filters. It's very useful.
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    Phreedm, thanks for the information. This is something that I've been looking for.

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    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    I think the retail version is about $400/mo.
  10. Guys,

    As far as real-time alerting, you should take a look at our scanning and alert tools.
    We charge $45.00 per user per month and adding advanced functionality daily. Just added
    1) Scanning for size on Bid or Ask
    2) Channel Breakouts and Breakdown
    3) Gap up and Gap down reversals
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