Great Salmon Recipes

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  1. Smoked salmon, possibly the world's most delicious food.
  2. SMOKED SALMON. Haven't seen it in years. Where do you get it . New york?
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    You have Costco where you live? I buy their Kasilof smoked salmon for my grandfather. Delicious!!
  4. Every decent grocery store has it but theres nothing like it when it first comes outta your own smoker.
  5. lol. spoilsport. leave it to americans to take a health food and turn it into something unhealthy.

    i have a sister thst works for a popular beef jerky plant. she says if people only saw how the meat looks when it comes in that is used to make beef jerky they would never buy another piece.
  6. KTS, to eat smoked salmon just for something special like the birthday one time a year is not really bad.
    Look at all the omega fatty acids in the fish too!!
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