Great pressure will be put upon people

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  1. this person also mentions the rapture. that term is never used in the Bible.

    google John Nelson Darby.
  2. what do you do for life? seriously I'd like to know! are you waiting for the end times or something?
  3. Think of these veiwpoints like prayers backed by expectation or faith. Then consider that Christ - Reality - will deliver delusion if that is what you desire. Sow and reap = Give and recieve. What you think is what you "give" to the world. Give it prison and it will give you prison back. Give it doom and it will doom back. Give it "no choice" and your choices will be restricted.

    Instead, you could consider yourself completely free at this moment. If you are not experiencing it, you have previously given prison to the Christ. Think of Plato's Cave as a parable. You have been unshakled by this information. Everyone is free at this moment but are so conditioned to the delusion that has been delivered that they are not yet willing to walk out of the cave into freedom. This requires some mind-training. Rule your mind and you will no longer seem to be ruled. Understand who is asking and how he asks. Understand the situation before setting out for freedom. Fathom that you do not know what or where you are or what you are doing. Then set out on the path of "know thySelf". On this path, you walk on what is unreal to what is Real and Free.