Great Point Capital

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  1. What is the consensus on this firm? Fees? Edge? What do they trade? How well capitalized is the firm? Are fees $3/1000? $4/1000? What are the managers like? Do they still take your entire trader bank if you leave? How big is the office? Payouts? Tech? Platform? How are they regarded? Commissions and fee structure?
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    do you have the website address?
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    From what I know they use Takion and are pretty good on the tech side of things relative to other equity firms in the city. Last time i visited the office they had about 20-30 guys there. Some really good traders as well. Rates are going to depend on what you are bringing to the table as far activity. You could give them a call and find out most of your questions. I do have some friends that trade there on their floor in Chicago and they seem to be fine with their setup.
  6. LOL, was thinking the same thing. That's a hefty list of items, and almost every one can be gleaned from their website or sales team.
  7. Anyone have any information on the Chicago office? Seems like there aren't any equity trading firms with an office left anymore.