Great Place to go Long

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flipflopper, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. I think all the funds are dying to long here. They think there is a lot of upside left and always love chasing markets.

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  2. Housing index dropped for the first time since Nov.

    I think this is a great time to buy cause if housing falls apart again we can fool more shorts into selling and push the markets even higher!!

    This is a very crafty trading strategy. Very advanced. Don't try it at home.

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  3. Every day is a good day to buy, the market goes up day after day!
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    They kind of have to. When the index is your benchmark, try to explain to your investors why your fund made only 8% when the market ended the year up 15%?
  5. It's easier then explaining why you are down 2% when the market is up 5% at year end!!
  6. We've also got that loser Icahn trying to pump CIT!!!

    He must still be fuming from Yahoo!!

    Poor old man still thinks he can manipulate the market.
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    Same difference, my point still stands. :)
  8. :confused:

    If you don't buy and the market goes down.... you get to keep that 8%.
  9. Unless of course the bulls have figured out a way to take sidelined money!!!

    LMFAO.... which wouldn't be too shocking!!
  10. Despite the power of a primary trend, the decision to enter today shouldn't be based on whatever was missed or happening yesterday (and every yesterday back to March). The setups are different ...

    Technical analysis leaves room/cases for both bulls and bears ....
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