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    I'm finding most of the books I read these days to improve my trading have nothing to do with the markets per se - wondering what books some of you would highly recommend that pertain to psychology, states of mind, emotions under stress, etc. A couple I read recently were Deep Survival, an excellent book recommended somewhere here on ET the other day, and Zen in the Art of Archery. Thanks.

  2. any books on game theory.
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    Zen and the Art of Poker
  4. Can you please give us more comments about the advantage of using the framework of Game Theory for trading? Thanks!
  5. Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds
    And not just the sections of the Mississippi scheme, Tulipomania, and the South Sea bubble.
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    The day the Bubble Burst.

    Refers to the 1929 crash, not the tech crash of 2000.
  7. The Art of War!

    Sun Tzu, brilliant!

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    No Bull by Michael Steinhardt. Don't even think this is an investment book with the first impression of its title. Do not misunderstood him as I did about the title he was quite right to give this title. Bull means the stock market, a rising stock market if you prefer and No means negation, no market or not about the market. Meaning that it's not about the market he talk but about his own autobiography. It's very amazing to see for the guy who spent his whole life in the market and one of the well known investors come with something like this one. At the end of reading, I just understood what the title exactly mean.:D

    Look for something with Jesse Livermore, Nicolas Darvas, Martin Zweig.
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    ABCNEWS PrimeTime had an article on 'Testing Game Theory'.
    From the article:
    The text article and short video are at:
    I thought it was interesting. Nalebuff has several books on Game Theory available via Amazon.

    Good luck!
  10. A Guide to Rational Living by Albert Ellis
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